Necromunda Night – Part 1

Hi guys,

Last night a friend and I got together to play some Necromunda, drink some wine, and eat some doughtnuts. I had restarted my Redemptionist gang to match up with my friends restarted Genestealer Cult and had decided to go for a more elite feel this time around, imposing a nine man limit on myself – a bit different to the 21 gangers last time around!

Salvation's Fire II
Salvation’s Fire II

I had gone for a gang leader with a Bolt Pistol and Club, 2 Deacons (one with a flamer, the other with a Melta Gun), 2 Zealots (both with Eviscerators and Exterminators), 2 Crusaders (both with Shotguns w/ Man Stopper Shells), and 2 Devotees (both with Autopistols and Knives).

Our first scenario was the Shoot-Out, a scenario where a couple of gangers from each gang advance on each other before drawing their guns and blazing away. Normally this scenario sucks for the Redemption, as they tend to be pretty short-ranged and close combat orientated, but in this case it seemed to work out quite well!

2 Zealots and a Crusader
2 Zealots and a Crusader

I rolled up three gangers to my opponents two, and then randomly got my two Zealots and one Crusader as the gangers involved in the shoot-out. Luckily both zealots have Exterminators, while the Crusader has his shotgun.


In the scenario the gangers start 16″ inches apart and advance by 1″ every turn towards each other. As the turns go by each gang rolls a dice to see how close to breaking their nerve is.

Bang! Someone cracks...
Bang! Someone cracks…

We had gotten about 6 inches apart when my opponents gang finally cracked and drew their guns. At this point each ganger rolls a D6 and add their initiative to it – representing how fast on the draw they are. Luckily I rolled high on these, meaning my gangers would get to fire before my opponents.

Cultists go down in a torrent of flame
Cultists go down in a torrent of flame

My Crusader with shotgun opens fire first, followed quickly by the Zealot using his Exterminator to toast some heretic scum! In the end one of my opponents gangers has been put down, while the other was pinned.


Having put the cultists down, the two Zealots charged into combat with their Eviscerators making short work of the unclean.


Victory to the Redemption!


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