Necromunda: Pit Slaves and Zealot

Hi guys,

Just a quick Necromunda update after playing with a friend last night.

You may remember this guy from when I was posting up my Redemptionist gang:

Pannikkar, the Zealot
Pannikkar, the Zealot

Well he has now been painted up to match the rest of the gang:

Panikkar, the Zealot
Panikkar, the Zealot

In a similar vein, I have recently painted up two pit slaves to run as Hired Guns who have been helping my Delaques out until recently. Just quick and dirty paintjobs, but that never looks too out of place in the Under Hive. Here they are:

TY-3945 (who is T5!)
TY-3945 (who is T5!), and wields a Buzz-Saw
XZ-7463, with a Rock Drill
XZ-7463, with a Rock Drill
Rear view
Rear view

In other news, I played a great BFG game with my Imperials vs. a friends Ork fleet at the weekend, and have a biggish multi-player game lined up for the club tonight.


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