Inquisitorial Agent – Xeno-Biologist

InquisitonHey guys,

I have recently been really getting into the semi gaming / roleplaying aspect of things like Inq28, Inquisimunda, etc. As part of this, I have finally been getting round to organising the plethora of Inquisition models I have into recognisable warbands with backstories etc. As part of this, I need to catch up with the models I already have painted, including this one.



This model is originally a Dark Eldar Haemonculus, but he has been repurposed as a Xeno-Biologist, an expert on xenos life forms. He is part of the retinue of my radical Istvaanian Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos and has become a trusted member of his inner circle.

I need to tart up / finish the bas a bit more, but I quite like the purple / brass contrast and the way the blue has gone on the brass.



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