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Hey guys,

Just a quick update – I am moving again, though hopefully this time it will be for a little longer than the last 9 months I’ve spent in Stoke On Trent. I am moving to Wales, a little town called Lampeter, to take up a new job at the University there.

Hopefully once the actual moving things are out of the way I will be able to pick up the hobby again and I have already reached out to the Wargaming Society to see about games. Slightly excited about the possibility to properly gaming again!


Somewhat spurred on by that excitement, I have been pottering about sorting out a lot of my models / armies, trying to get them in a good ready state for undercoating / basing / painting. Always the least exciting bit of getting an army finished I find, but it can really pay dividends to the end result. I have mostly been focused on my WH40k Steel Legion army (hence the pics!), making sure that all the models have all the bits they are supposed to and going around adding a few bits and pieces. I have looked to add some minor conversions to the four Veteran squads I have, adding some shotguns / pouches / bayonets / grenades etc, to help them stand out from the other metal guardsmen. Quite happy, although the shotguns do look a little odd…


Otherwise I have been busy sorting out a Warmaster Empire army ready for basing / painting and putting together a to-buy list for an opposing Warmaster Vampire Counts list. Also got my eye on some beautiful proxy miniatures for Inquisimunda / Necromunda Arbites!

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Inquisitorial Agent – Xeno-Biologist

InquisitonHey guys,

I have recently been really getting into the semi gaming / roleplaying aspect of things like Inq28, Inquisimunda, etc. As part of this, I have finally been getting round to organising the plethora of Inquisition models I have into recognisable warbands with backstories etc. As part of this, I need to catch up with the models I already have painted, including this one.



This model is originally a Dark Eldar Haemonculus, but he has been repurposed as a Xeno-Biologist, an expert on xenos life forms. He is part of the retinue of my radical Istvaanian Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos and has become a trusted member of his inner circle.

I need to tart up / finish the bas a bit more, but I quite like the purple / brass contrast and the way the blue has gone on the brass.


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So, err, the dangers of Kickstarter…


I may just have pledged for this:  Warstages Gothic Cathedral

Ive been getting into the whole idea of narrative small warband wargaming / RPG’ing and this suits my Inquisition and Sisters of Battle armies down to the ground. My wallet may regret it though!

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Inquisitorial Henchmen 5

Hi guys,

Just another super quick post to keep things ticking over, this time another of my Inquisitorial Henchmen. This is another member of the Kiddy Kreche that my somewhat twisted Inquisitor has following her around. I love these models, even though the casting has been terrible, purely because they revel in that horribly creepy grim dark vibe that a lot of the Inquisition really have.


Again a relatively simple model, this time of a banner bearer. I like the way that the green has gone onto the model and the minimal freehand on the banner. Just nice and simple but thematic. I am hoping these babies work well with an Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor I have planned.


I really need to get around to organising my Inquisition models into some kind of recognisable force and sorting out some little backstories for each Inquisitor.


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Inquisitorial Henchmen 4

Hi guys,

Sorry the blog has been slow – I started a new job and it has been hectic! Still, hr is another Inquisitorial baby henchman for you all, though sadly probably the least interesting model of the lot…

The baby is holding a sheet of parchmeent but it is quite difficult to see / photograph decently.


You can see it a little better there, or if you click through on the image.

Blogging has been a bit slow as of late, but so has hobby. I haven’t had a settled address and most of my hobby  stuff is a couple of hundred miles  away – but hpefully the first part of that is changing soon.

I also still have a lot of EPIC Dark Angels posts to go up, some more Henchmen and Inquisitors, and some BFG Necrons.

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Inquisitorial Henchmen 3

Hi guys,

Another quick Inquisition post here –

I rather like how the text has come out on this one on the book he is holding. The stocking type thing adds a little colour which connects him to  the book – as if he has been dressed up to match the obviously more valuable book!

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Inquisitorial Henchmen 2

Hi guys,

Just another quick post with some pics of the next little baby servitor I painted up to use as an Inquisitorial Henchman.

As a little hovering baby, he fits in quite well with the Servo-skulls in the 40k background, while bringing a little touch of the macabre which goes so well with the High Gothic stylings of the 40k Inquisition.

Just nice and simple really.

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Inquisitorial Henchmen 1

Some of you may know, but I have a serious obsession with collecting 40k Inquisition models. They just hit that grimdark / obscure vibe that I love, and a great many of them are also lovely models.

This means that I currently have a pretty big 40k inquisition force, although it isn’t really arranged for actual playing. A while back I bought some additional models from Puppets Wars – baby servitor henchmen – which I have finally been getting round to paint.

The resin casting was pretty bad but I think he has come out pretty well. It felt so incredibly weird painting 28mm again tho!

I have the rest of the set to come plus a couple of other models I painted as a break from EPIC, so keep an eye out! 

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Ian Watson’s “Space Marine” Review


2010 cover

Hi guys,

So as you probably guessed from my review of the Inquisition Wars Trilogy a little while ago, I am currently on a bit of a retro GW fluff reading spree and have been reading a fair few of the older Black Library books I can get my hands on. This includes my most recent read, Ian Watson’s “Space Marine” which was released originally in 1993 and then released in 2010 with a snazzy new cover.

Space Marine is an interesting book, following the recruitment and battles of three initiates from Necromunda (yes, the same Necromunda as the game…) as they are recruited into the Imperial Fists. The book gives a great feel for the early Necromunda / Confrontation fluff in the first few chapters, detailing the rivalries between the noble Brat gangs, the techgangs of the middle levels, and the underhive scummers that later became the foundation of the full Necromunda game. It is a pretty interesting look at the way that the broader Imperium interacts with the planetary government too, and just how remote things like the Imperial Guard are for the vast majority of Imperial citizens.


After the recuritment of the three main characters, Yeremi Valence, Biff Tundrish and Lexandro D’Arquebus, the book does a great job at involving you in the process by which teenagers are turned into marines. This is where most of the fluff regarding Marine implants  and genehancement comes from, with quite a lot of rather gory surgical description. It also gives a really interesting look into the psychological changes the Scouts undergo and the way that they are inducted in the way of thinking adopted by the Imperial Fists. I am going to have to admit that prior to reading the book, the Imprial Fists were probably my least favourite Legion (closely followed by the Salamanders), but their whole approach to pain and sacrifice gives them a little more interest.


1993 cover

After the implantation of organs etc is complete, the three characters graduate to being scout marines then full marines and are involved in three main battles. The first is a rather cool assault on a renegade human empire which declared it’s independance from the Imperium and needs to be retaken because it is a vital source of material for the production of power armour. This is the source of the classic story of space marine scouts piloting an Emperor Titan, which although often mocked, actually kind of works in the storyline. The second follows on quite closely from this battle as the Marines hunt down the commander of the renegade planet on it’s moon, fight against a pretty cool comglomeration of Squats and Ambulls, and eventually defeat a daemon of Tzeentch. This experience is a hell of a lot more scary for the Marines in the old fluff than it seems to have become in the new, with it having a lasting impact on the formation of the characters.



The third and last fight introduces the Tyranids and, while the fluff for them has changed significantly since this time, they are still recognisably the same. I shan’t spoiler things, but the fight is rather interesting and provdes a great sense of the Marines encountering something completely foreign to them. Lexandro, of course, goes on to appear in the Inquisition Wars Trilogy himself too…

Overall the book is a bit iffy though, particularly the writing style. Plot-wise and content-wise things are great, but the actual writing is rather repetitive and wanders all over the place. Every wound is described in the same way, with the blood always hardening “like cinnabar”, every opening is described as in some way the same as a sphincter, and the author has a seriously obsessive issue about bodily fluids and faecal matter, with its use recurring again and again and again throughout the book without much real reason. It all gets a bit too much and detracts from the quality of the book.


Basically, if you want a great description of Marine formation, training, and interaction then the book is for you. Enjoy the fight scenes (espcially the titan one!) and skip past all the slightly odd description. 

I would say 6/10, compared to the  Inquisition War’s 8/10.

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The Inquisition War Trilogy


Hi guys,

Just a quick post this time. I have just recently finished reading the book series ‘The Inquisition War’, a very early series of books from Black Library, and wanted to seriously recommend them to anyone who is interested in the older, and more esoteric, background of the 40k universe.

In the kind of spirit of the more well known Eisennhorn and Ravenor book series, but pre-dating them by quite a bit, the Inquisition War series follows he exploits of the Inquisitor Jaq Draco as he and his companions investigate heresy and fight across the galaxy. In keeping with the early date of the book, the fluff is very much of the time period, being somewhat more adult in nature, and exceptionally crazy compared to the more modern writing coming out of Black Library.


This attitude is nothing but good however, harking back to the days of Rogue Trader. This includes a pretty central role for Squats, interesting differences in the inner workings of the Inquisition especially regarding the Ordo Malleus, and a very interesting and humanising take on an Imperial Fist Space Marine. Also, the figure of the Emperor plays a very critical role in the storyline, but is presented in a pretty shocking and intriguing way. I won’t spoil things, but it is probably not the way you have thought about the Emperor, and adds a whole new dimension to him.

Having said all that, the storyline is excellent and deals with some of the more interesting aspects of the 40k universe, and with some convincing plot lines. Split across three books, Draco, Harlequin, and Chaos Child, the story visits a great number of places, including Terra (and the Emperor’s throne room), the webway and the Black Library, and a very trippy account of a Daemon world in the Eye of Terror. The series is also the source for much of the old Illuminati / Sensei Knight / children of the Emperor fluff, which I find wonderful.


Basically, what I am trying to say, is if you have a liking for early 40k fluff go and read the series. It was a great read for me and totally unexpected as I had never heard of it before. It is available on Amazon as a trilogy, from Black Library as three seperate digital books, or there are .epubs floating around on the internet (but shush….). There is more info on Lexicanum here too. A definite 8/10 😀

Now go read!

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