MWIH – My Week in Hobby 5

Hi guys,

Another slow week for me through a combination of being away and being ill. I actually haven’t managed to get a game in at all, but I have been doing other stuff.

My GW loot
My GW loot

Firstly, I managed to get in and out of an actual Games Workshop store without being upsold anything! I went into the store on the Royal Mile to see what the new White Dwarf Weekly was like and to have a look at some of the new Fantasy Dwarves. I have to say I quite like the new releases and the schedule of them seems to be quite good.

New Runelord
New Runelord

I really like some of the new Dwarf models – like the one above – but am yet to be convinced by alot of them like the new Gyrobomber and the leaked Iron Drake models. I have a big, and fully painted, Dwarf army already, but am holding off on any purchases for a while as they are currently in storage.


In other news, I recently bought my first ever Forgeworld book, the Imperial Armour Aeronautica book. It contains the most recent rules for a variety of the new Forgewolrd flyers for 40k, including the Thunderbolt which featured on this blog recently.


Upcoming, I have a game of BFG organised for Saturday and am helping a friend move on Sunday, but am not going to the local club this week because the weather is atrocious!

I hope you are all having good weeks, and getting alot of games in!

One thought on “MWIH – My Week in Hobby 5

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