BFG: Craftworld Eldar Wraithships

250Hi guys,

Just a quick post in keeping with the EPIC Eldar Tactica starting, showing off some of the models I use as Eldar Wraithships. I use some old plastic models produced by GW for their game, Spacefleet, whose models turn up with some regularity on eBay, along with the Imperial models also produced for it.

IMG_0827They are quite nice little ships and are plastic which is a nice change. They fit the Eldar Craftworld aesthetics quite well too and take paint nicely.

IMG_0826I use four in my 1000pt Craftworld Eldar fleet as wraithships, two with torpedoes and phantom lances, and two with launch bays and weapons batteries. With the addition of a GW Wraithship model as a Dragon Ship (it is significantly larger than the spacefleet models) and an autarch it makes a nicely rounded 1,000pt fleet.

IMG_0828As I said above the ship is a little small for a normal cruiser, but as the Wraithship is only 6DC it works quite well. As you can see in the picture it is a similar size to a GW Space Marine Strike Cruiser which is also 6DC.

Just a quick post that might save you a couple of quid the next time they come up on eBay!

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