BFG – Wraithships

4 Wraithships

Hi guys,

Quick update – I have finally finished painting up the plastic Spacefleet models I am using as Craftworld Eldar wraithships. The four of them round the fleet out to a nice 3,000pts, and seem to me to have some pretty decent rules to go with them. The models were undercoated Codex Gray, then heavily drybrushed with Bleach Bone before picking out the details in Red Gore and Gold.


3 thoughts on “BFG – Wraithships

  1. The sails are quite hard to get hold of now – not many were made and they were quite flimsy when done in plastic so tend to break and get chucked. When I bought them the sails were not included, and I quite like the look.

    1. Yes the metal Wraithships were much more sturdier. 🙂
      I’ve actually got to make some sails out of 80gsm paper and PVA glue layering techniques.
      also using Pinning techniques to get the sails to go into the position they are meant to be.
      I am just lucky I have a few examples of large and small sails to work from.

      If you want to see what Ive been able to collect check out Facebook…

      Well done buddy. 🙂

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