SHT’s and a few game pics

I have done a little more painting, probably my last for a week of so, of 4 Shadowswords and 3 Baneblades. There are pics of the unpainted models somewhere further down the blog.

4 Shadowswords


Baneblade Company

These are the relatively old SHT models, not the current Specialist Games ones. I have quite enjoyed the little tank commanders I have converted to be popping out of thier turrets, it may be quite silly to have a commissar with a power fist peering out of a tank hatch, but it adds a little individuality to the tanks and helps to pick out the command tank in the company.

Take me closer, so I can hit them with my fist!

I have just recently played a 3k game versus Andy from, and will have a couple of quick pics up soon. I took a list made up of as much painted stuff as possible which led to a bit of a strange selection. It was good to try out some of the less taken options though!

Here is the list I took:

REGIMENTAL HQ [500] Supreme Commander, 12 Infantry, 7 Chimera

INFANTRY COMPANY [350] Commander, 12 Infantry, Griffon Battery (3 Griffons)


SUPER-HEAVY TANK COMPANY [600] Hydra, Hydra, 3 Shadowsword

ROUGH RIDER PLATOON [150] 6 Rough Riders

ROUGH RIDER PLATOON [150] 6 Rough Riders

ARTILLERY BATTERY [250] 3 Basilisks

ARTILLERY BATTERY [250] 3 Manticores

SENTINEL SQUADRON [100] 4 Sentinels

THUNDERBOLT FIGHTERS [150] 2 Thunderbolts




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