Battlefleet Bakka – Lunars and Gothics

Hi guys,

I’ve just finished painting up my latest BFG fleet – a 2000pt Battlefleet Bakka list – and have a couple of pics. Eventually, once I have everything painted and pictured, I will do a seperate page at the top of the home area to gather all the pics together.

2 x Lunars

Bakka is mostly the same as the standard Imperial fleet list, with the a couple of new Battlecruisers and Escorts, so overall the fleet is pretty standard (2 Lunars, 2 Gothics, 2 Dominators) but also has a Mercury Class Battlecruiser (long rangeand good firepower but fragile), an Ad-mech Dictator for some ordnance, 6 Havoc escorts (WB with FP5) and 3 Viper Class Destroyers (Cobras with 3 Torps, no WB).

2 x Gothics

I haven’t had a chance to play with the fleet list yet, but am looking forward to getting them on the board. I bought them for a good price from a guy on Warseer, and given that some of the ships were already undercoated in that red, the colour scheme pretty much chose itself.


Also just a note to let anyone reading know – the blog has now passed 4,000 all time views!

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