Demolishers ahoy!

Drive me closer, I want to hit them with my sword!

Cracked on with a little more painting in the last couple of days. Less than I wanted to as the end of term means lots more work, plus it is coming up to my annual review again. Still, I have polished off three beautiful Leman Russ Demolisher models. Made by a certain blue werewolf they really are much nicer models than my paintjobs, and have me thinking of grabbing a few more from him.

Three Demolishers

In game I can use these in either the Steel Legion list as a company upgrade of the three tanks, or in the Lost and the Damned I can add between one and three to any Coven. They make formations pretty expensive in the Steel Legion List though, but I am thinking that a company of Baneblades or Stormhammers with 3 Demolishers attached would make a pretty sturdy Break Their Spirit formation. In the Lost and the Damned, I was thinking of using them as singles to soak up some hits for any Hydras in the formation and for a little more short ranged firepower.


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