Traitor Russ

As you might have noticed over the last couple of posts I have a bit of a thing for tanks in EPIC – big ones and preferably lots of them!

2 Leman Russ formations

To go with the Demolishers in the last post I have been painting up 2 armoured formations of 6 Leman Russ each. In the Steel Legion list you can only get tanks in company formations (10 tanks, usually with a Vanquisher command tank), but in the Lost and the Damned list the armoured formations are the slightly smaller sixes. This lot of tanks has two allocated as command tanks, only one of which is a Vanquisher. This is so that if I want to run them as a Armoured Company in the Steel Legion List I don’t have too many Vanq’s.

Command Tank 1


This smaller formation size is good in that it means the price of the formation is lower (400 vs. 650) and therefore it is more feasible to fit in a few formations. However it obviously is easier to break and throws out less firepower.


Command Tank 2

That is one of the things that irritates me about the Steel Legion list – at 650pts the Armoured Company is so expensive that it rarely sees play, or if it is taken more than once then the army tends to be hindered quite a lot – which I find annoying given the iconic place of the Leman Russ in the GW universe.

These models are the old-style Leman Russ, which I think fits into the theme of the Lost and the Damned better than shiny new pattern models. I do also have a full company worth of the FW Leman Russ models and the GW Specialist Games range models still to be painted.

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