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Epic Dark Angels vs. Orks Battle Report


Hey guys,

Sorry it has been so long since my last post, things haven’t been great and there has been a lot of change in the amount of free time I have so wargaming has basically died for me.

Still, I recently found a load of pictures from a game I played back last year with a friend of mine in London – an EPIC throwdown between my Dark Angels and his Ork force. This friend basically got me into EPIC and was my first regular opponent so it was great to play him again.

We chose to play the Breakout scenario from the EPIC rulebook for a bit of a change, which involved my Dark Angels being caught in an ambush by the sneaky Orks. I grabbed a few pictures and here they are.


Dark Angel Predators score a number of hits on the mixed Stompa mob



I always like the look of the mixed Stompa mobs that my friend uses – very characterful little models


A mix of Battlewagons, Trukks, and various other contraptions stares across at the thin line of Dark Angels



Whirlwinds – kind of stuck in the middle of the board here, at least their short range was not too problematic



I decide to drop-pod in some Dreadnought assisted Devastators in order to try and tackle the Ork Gargant…



For the Emperor!



Sadly, it didn’t go all that well for the Devastators…



I also love the little Ork Deffkopta models and they are surprisingly good in game too



Two units of Deathwing teleport in, bringing ruin to the Stompa Mob.



The Ravenwing doing their thing – coralling the enemy onto the guns of the Dark Angels



The 2 Destructor / 2 Annihilator combo on the Predators actually worked well hre for once – the mixed armour formations of the Orks made them vulnerable



Luckily I managed to keep the Gargant broken and out of threat range, making the best of my escape from the other side of the board. Victory to the Dark Angels!

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