Epic Siegemasters vs. Orks, 6k

Hi guys, Just some quick pics from a recent game I played in a GW store (shhhhhh don't tell anyone!) which was a 6k game (I think) against my buddy Tom's Orks. Click the pictures for a better look!

Epic Dark Angels vs. Orks Battle Report

Hey guys, Sorry it has been so long since my last post, things haven't been great and there has been a lot of change in the amount of free time I have so wargaming has basically died for me. Still, I recently found a load of pictures from a game I played back last year [...]

BFG – Rogue Traders vs. Imperial Fleet

The game was just a quickie, with small fleets, using the Convoy scenario as that seemed pretty thematic for the fleets we had chosen to play. Andy was using his Imperials, while I had chosen to bring out my Rogue Trader fleet. They are great for small games, with lots of choice, and work thematically for a number of the scenarios.