First game of 8th edition 40k

Hi guys,

Just a quick post – I played my first ever game of the new edition of 40k last night! It was a quick 1,000pt game against an Ad-Mech army.


First impressions I cannot say are great. The game feels clunkier with changes having been made purely for the sake of changes. Things like characters being able to stand next to but not join units etc just feel a little forced.

Beyond that, I dislike the way that the changes to stats have reduced the cinematic appeal of combats – particularly the way in which the opponent’s WS has no impact on your ability to hit. Terrain and line of sight also feels odd, with no realistic way of hiding anything behind terrain or that terrain having much of an impact on the game.

I also have issues with the way that the game seems to have become focused on the single large model as the centre-piece of an army. For me, 40k armies have always been exactly that, armies. Made up of 90% grunts and a slight seasoning of the specialist stuff. It seems like this trend towards the reverse (which we already kind of saw in last ed 40k, End Times in fantasy and Age of Sigmar) has accelerated. Don’t get me wrong, I like the odd chunky model, but the way in which the game seems to be relying on them does not match up with the kind of games I want to play.


I think playing last night was probably a mistake for me. It just reminded me how far removed from the new normal 40k gamer I am and how far the game has moved from the kind of game I am interested in playing. Much as edition changes have happened before and the game has changed, this step just feels like it has finally gone beyond what I am looking for. Kind of saddening and makes me lose a little hope for finding the right gaming group for me any time soon.


3 thoughts on “First game of 8th edition 40k

  1. It should be as simple as throw away the new rules and play what you like but as you mentioned old style gamers within easy travel distance are a rare commodity.

    1. That is the problem really – I mean I am happy enough painting away and playing by myself with my toy soldiers, but it would be better to be able to actually play games!

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