WHFB Dogs of War Army


Hey all,

You might not remember but a while ago I had the pleasant surprise of finding a Dogs of War army I had bought and then completely forgotten about. Well when moving it came back into the forefront of my mind and I chose to leave it out and have a rootle through what it actually contained.


After assembling and basing everything (and bending all the damn pikes vaguely straight), this is my new Dogs of War army. It contains either a big block of 50 Alcatani Fellowship who can be split into two blocks of 25, a unit of 20 Long Drongs Pirates, 10 Braganza’s Besiegers, 8 Bearmen of Urso, five Birdmen of Catrazza, two Giants of Albion and their Druid, a Warwagon, and a couple of characters (wizard, Vespero Vendetta, and Richter Kreuger from the Cursed Company).

I am not entirely sure what I am going to do with it – I have zero desire to play Age of Sigmar, but I am not really sure how many people are likely to be playing any of the old editions. And even if they were, 8th ed was my favourite edition, whereas the Dogs of War were third ed(?). Tricky, especially when it comes to figuring out how / if I wanted to expand the army. I would like to beef up the Bearman unit to 20, maybe add some cavalry, but then the question is should I build it as an army of the Regiments of Renown or just go with generic mercenaries? Options… options!


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