Hey guys,

Just a quick update – I am moving again, though hopefully this time it will be for a little longer than the last 9 months I’ve spent in Stoke On Trent. I am moving to Wales, a little town called Lampeter, to take up a new job at the University there.

Hopefully once the actual moving things are out of the way I will be able to pick up the hobby again and I have already reached out to the Wargaming Society to see about games. Slightly excited about the possibility to properly gaming again!


Somewhat spurred on by that excitement, I have been pottering about sorting out a lot of my models / armies, trying to get them in a good ready state for undercoating / basing / painting. Always the least exciting bit of getting an army finished I find, but it can really pay dividends to the end result. I have mostly been focused on my WH40k Steel Legion army (hence the pics!), making sure that all the models have all the bits they are supposed to and going around adding a few bits and pieces. I have looked to add some minor conversions to the four Veteran squads I have, adding some shotguns / pouches / bayonets / grenades etc, to help them stand out from the other metal guardsmen. Quite happy, although the shotguns do look a little odd…


Otherwise I have been busy sorting out a Warmaster Empire army ready for basing / painting and putting together a to-buy list for an opposing Warmaster Vampire Counts list. Also got my eye on some beautiful proxy miniatures for Inquisimunda / Necromunda Arbites!

One thought on “Moving…

  1. [ Smiles ] Oh, great! You are moving to Wales.

    When I saw the title, I thought that you were moving to another blogging platform.

    May you find peace in your new home and I do hope the the internet connection is wonderful over at Wales (After all, I want you to update your blog regularly).

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