Mea Culpa…


Hi guys,

I haven’t died, I promise.

I know the blog has been stupendously slow recently, with two months going by without a post, and even longer since anything more involved than a picture or two. I can only apologise and offer up getting a full time job, moving, and getting an academic book contract as excuses.

I am currently in an area where the wargaming scene seems non-existent, and where I do not have access to most of my hobby stuff. Sadly this means I am somewhat limited with regards to hobbying. I have a fair amount of stuff still to post up here (a couple of big epic games with a friend of mine in London, BFG Necrons, Epic Dark Eldar, Epic Eldar Tactica, many book reviews etc) so that should keep me ticking over though the posting rate may still remain slow.

Just bear with me!



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