BFG – Scratchbuild Ad-Mech Fleet 3

Hi guys,

Back again, with another of my converted Adeptus Mechanicus ships. This time is the turn of the Deus Inimicus, a Gothic class cruiser.

Deus Inimicus 1

Again, scrappy painting with some simple additions to try and sell th ad-mech nature of this ships. This time I used some brass wire and a few of the EPIC rhino dozer blades to tart up the ship hoping to give the suggestion of the Adeptus Mechanicus gift of “Advanced Shields. This gift means that weapons using the gunnery table suffer a right column shift when firing on a vessel equipped with Advanced Shielding and Lance weaponry firing on this vessel only score a hit on a roll of a 5+, which is a pretty deceent bump in survivability for a ship like the Gothic that wants to be within 30cm to fire its lances.

Deus Inimicus 2

In the context of the list, this ship packs a fair punch with five lances at 30cm, and is still firing 3 of them when crippled or on some of the special orders. I also plan on equipping this ship with special torpedoes for some variety and because I think they fit with the wacky nature of the Ad-Mech.

Just another simple post!


One thought on “BFG – Scratchbuild Ad-Mech Fleet 3

  1. Loving these, I keep getting the feeling that you should smash your watch just get some little cogs for these.

    On the other hand, maybe that’s a bit extreme. Or maybe you’re digital.

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