BFg – Scratchbuild Ad-Mech Fleet 2

Hi guys,

Another delyed post I am afraid, but this time I am back with my converted Ad-mech fleet, built out of some horrible painted Imperial Cruisers I had laying around.

Sanguinem, Tyrant Class Cruiser

This time is the turn of the Saguineem, the Tyrant Class Cruiser in the fleet list. With the weapon battery upgrade available to the Adeptus Mechanicus, this ship, while expensive, does throw out  fair amount of firepower. Of course, it also has its free dorsal lance as well.

Sanguinem, Tyrant Class Cruiser

As you can see, the paint scheme is exactly the same as the previous ship, sticking to the black, dark gray, and dark red. The convrsion on this ship is pretty simple, using some of the old Titan arm connectors to build a bridge or docking arm from one section of the ship.

There are a couple more ships to come, but I still neeed to paint  up the battleship – hopefully soon!


4 thoughts on “BFg – Scratchbuild Ad-Mech Fleet 2

    1. Haha I know, but it really is only a silly little side fleet. The paint was pretty horrible blue car primer as well so I dont know how well stripping would have gone…

  1. They look suitably Ad Mech Bonkers, is there an actual raison d’etre (beyond the theme) for any of the conversions ?

    1. Because of the way you get Ad-Mech upgrades (randomly, basically) it is not worth bulding specific ships with particular conversions, as you may not roll them up.

      However some of the ships I have converted lend themselves to representing particular gifts, as the next post should show 🙂

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