BFG – Rogue Traders vs. Imperial Fleet


Hi guys,

Sorry it has been so long since the last post – I haven’t been gaming much and life has been rather busy to be honest. Still, I am back with a bumper post detailing a game of BFG I recently had with Andy from Miniature Miscellany.He is currently painting down at GW HQ and doing some really nice Age of Sigmar Chaos models, so go have a look.


The game was just a quickie, with small fleets, using the Convoy scenario as that seemed pretty thematic for the fleets we had chosen to play. Andy was using his Imperials, while I had chosen to bring out my Rogue Trader fleet. They are great for small games, with lots of choice, and work thematically for a number of the scenarios.

We set up the board with a scattering of asteroids and a planet (we were only using  4′ x 4′) and we were off.


My fleet consisted of a pair of Dauntless Light Cruisers (both with Lances) and a squadron of Cobra escorts. Along with these I had my convoy, six regular transports and one heavy transport ship. I moved cautiously onto the table, warhips taking the lead.

IMG_2213In response, Andy moved one of his Dauntlesses forward, screened by his own Cobras.

I loosed some shots, successfully blowing a few of Andy’s escorts up, while moving up with the rest of the fleet.


Andy had a much better turn than me. He swung the Dauntless to the side, opening up his broadsides and targetting my Dauntlss. Firing his Cobra’s torpedoes, he struck home on my Cobras, destroying three, and also managed to damage my othr Dauntless.


My return fire bouyed me up a littel – both Dauntlesses fired their lances at the Imperial Navy cruiser, striking home and knocking two DC off it. Lots of blast markes litter the starscape as the convoy surges forward.


Andy responds by flipping over some of his other contact markers, revealing some Firestorm Frigates and another Dauntless which move forward into engagement range.


Andy shifts forward, badly damaging my Dauntless, and closing in on the transport ships.


My fleet gets congested trying to avoid the asteroid field, pincered by Andy’s oncoming fleet, and the perfect target for some torpedoes! Them combined with th fire from the ships knocks out the first transport and puts damage on pretty much every ship I have.


In response, I curl one Dauntless around the back of the Imperial fleet, hoping to chase down the damaged cruiser and bracket the other vessels.

IMG_2231Andy pushes through my fleet, splitting the convoy, and laying down blast markers. His damaged dauntless cannot turn and drifts onwards.


Andy’s damaged Dauntless finally bites the dust, but his Firestorms make short work of some of my transports. I cant turn fast enough to defend them and I can feel the game slipping away from me.


Andy sneaks off a few more transports , and with both my Dauntlesses quite damaged, ekes out a win!

I hope you guys enjoyed that game report. We played another game and I have pics from it, so they should make their way up here eventually.

Thanks guys 🙂

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One thought on “BFG – Rogue Traders vs. Imperial Fleet

  1. Zzzzz says:

    Always good to see Imperial fleets (even if they are facing off against each other…)

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