BFG Tau Fleet – Messenger Class Starship


Hi guys,

Another post on the BFG Tau fleet showcase / tactica that has been running here, this time looking at the Messenger Class Starship, which is an odd little vessel. It is an escort sized ship, costs 50pts, and is very very minimally armed!



As you can see it has pretty normal escort stats for its speed, turns, shields, turrets, and armour. All very normal so far. Its weapons batteries may as well be non-existent at FP 1 @ 30cm, but the interesting things about the ship are contained in the little text box under its stats. The first thing to note is that it does not have to be bought or deployed in squadrons (though it may be), but the more important thing is that each Messenger has a Tracking System.


So that immediately suggests that Messengers should always be braced when facing incoming fire (it will have no effect on their 1 FP either notice) and they should be within 10cm of a ship which has batteries with a range greater than 45cm. That means it should be parked either near an Explorer, or the weapons battery heavy version of the Hero.


I have three of these in my fleet and I probably plan to have one hang out with my Hero’s and have the other two hang out with the two Explorer’s. this should hopefully improve their weapons battery fire, but also make them more resilint against enemy ordnance which means I can use mine more offensively to try and shut down the opponents ships. This should help my plan that I outlined in the post on the Explorer Class – use its ordnance to try and hammer the opponent in order to protect their fragility!

I hope everyone had a good holiday break and leave a commnt if you are interested guys.

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