BFG Tau Fleet – Defender Class Starships

Defender Class
Defender Class

Hi guys,

Sorry for the delay in posting again, things have been busy! This post is the turn of the Defender Class Starship from my just painted Tau fleet, which are the larger type of escort available in the list (yes, there is a third type but it is a bit weird and I will cover it seperately!).

IMG_2026Defenders, while being quite big models (and going to 2 HP in various remakes of BFG) are still only escorts, and pretty ponderous escorts at that. Each ship costs a fairly hefty 45pts and comes with a 20cm move, 45 degree turns (sloooooooooooooow for an escort), 1 shield, 5+armour, and 2 turrets. That is pretty rubbish – being more expensive than Imperial equivalents, slower, and less maneuverable. Their armnament is slightly different, being a FP3 30cm weapons battery and 2 Tau Torpedoes each. Now  while Tau torpedoes are great (20-40cm variable speed and can make turns), it is still not a great armnament – being a strange hybrid of a Sword and a Cobra class. It does somewhat justify the points cost though.

def1I am rather happy with the way the paint scheme has gone onto these ships – the turrets at the front look nicely contrasting in white with the blue ship, while the larger size has meant the gradated blue has worked more clearly. These ships, the whole Tau line in fact, have been great for washes too with the scultping really lending itself well to them.

IMG_2024In game, I would probably look to using these as two squadrons of three, though to be honest I am not sure if I would really be willing to shell out 45pts a pop for them. The squadrons would then have FP9 and 6 Torpedoes which isn’t bad, but they only move at 20cm and 45 degre turns, so bringing that firepower to bear will be difficult, and I am not sure if just torpedoes firing from a distance really justify their cost.

Thanks for reading and please leave a comment!


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