BFG Tau Fleet – Orca Gunships

Orca Gunship
Orca Gunship

Hi guys,

This is the start of a series of posts with pictures of my recently painted Tau fleet. All the models are the GW Specialist Games models rather than the Forgeworld Tau and they are supposed to go with my other Demiurg / Tau fleet featured here. Each side is 1,500pts so together they form a 3,000pt fleet which is the size I tend to like for my fleets.

IMG_2023First up are some Orca Gunships, which are the smallest Tau ship available, being roughly analagous to the Imperial Firestorm class with 2 firepower Weapons Batteries and a single Lance each, all at 30cm. This is a pretty good armnament for an escort, especially when they are only 25pts each. However they do have downsides, before you all get a bit too excited – only a 20cm move, as slow as an Imperial Cruiser, makes them tricky to use as regualr escorts.

orca statsAs you can see, I have gone for a gradated blue scheme for this half of the Tau fleet – light blue prows, mid blue middle sections, and dark blue rear areas. The ships were then washed with a thinned Asurmen blue (one of my favourite washes) and then the detailing was added in black, white, and scorpion green. The use of bright breen and white as spot colours was deliberately chosen to help tie in with the Demiurg led fleet which uses orange and bright green as spot colours, and the Merchant class cruiser for that fleet I previously painted here which uses black, white and green as highlight clours.

IMG_2021You can also see my new star mat in these pictures, and I promise some better pictures of it soon. It is lovely – well printed, light, resistant to curling, and was dirt cheap – so I am one well pleased wargamer. Now just to play some games on it!

Expect more posts in the next couple of weeks as I work my way through this set of pictures and thanks for reading,


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