BFG – Rogue Trader Fleet Pictures

EyeoftheManHi guys,

Sorry to have left things so long, but I realised a little while back that although I had submitted a picture of my Rogue Trader fleet for Gothicomp (no, I didn’t do well… ) I have never actually gotten around to putting up proper pictures of it here. Bits and pieces of it have previously made an appearance and are findable here, but now is the time to introduce it properly.

Rogue Trader Fleet
Rogue Trader Fleet
Rogue Trader Fleet
Rogue Trader Fleet

The Rogue Trader fleetlist for BFG is found in the 2010FAQ, and is one of my favourite lists to play around with, as it combines a wonderful variety of military, civilian, and suppot vessels. My fleet is led by a Rogue Trader Carnage class cruiser with Targetting Matrix (represented by the GW Rogue Trader model), supported by two normal Rogue Trader Cruisers (the two old Spacefleet models), and an allied Adeptus Mechanicus Dictator class cruiser (the Imperial cruiser model) to provide some kind of fighter / bomber cover!

IMG_1018In addition the fleet has four Dauntless Light Cruisers which are a mainstay of Rogue Traders and two Endeavour class Light Cruisers with Additional Shield (the Spacefleet Thunderbolt models). These are fast and give a good amount of WB fire to the fleet. Then I have two large civilian vessels – a Heavy Transport with Ship Defence Grid (the Galaxy class Troop Transport) and a Repair Tender with Additional Shield (the Goliath class ship).

IMG_1019After all the capital ships, the escorts are vitally important in the Rogue Trader fleet and there is a great variety to choose from! I have chosen a good variety – two xenos escorts pictured above with two rollson the xenos modification chart, eight Spacefleet Cobras, and three escort carries which give a little more AC coverage at a very high cost. Following these are some civilian ships – six transports, 3 armed freighters, 3 fireships, and four system ships.

Thanks for following along and I hope you enjoy the pics.


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