BFG – Demiurg and Tau Fleet Pics

DemiurgStrongholdHi Guys,

Sorry it has been so long since the last post, things have been a bit hectic with flat viewings, conferences, and work! Still I have managed to get alot of real life stuff done so it hasn’t been too bad.

Still, welcome back, and please do take a moment to have a look at the latest fleet pics I have of my Demiurg led fleet here.

IMG_1104I am really rather happy with how this fleet has turned out, especially the way that the classic Tau ochre colour scheme gels with the dirty cream of the Demiurg, connected through using the same spot colours of orange and bright green. I also think it represents a pretty uniqe style of fleet too, being largely demiurg with some less than optimal Tau support – very fluffy and unique.

IMG_1105The fleet adds up to a nice round 1,500pts and represents half of my whole Tau collection. The other Tau fleet that makes but the rest of the 3,000pts is a more typical Tau fleet composed of Explorers and Heroes etc, and should be making an appearance at some point  on the blog. I have recently hit a bit of a painting lull so it may be a while, but don’t worry I still have lots of bits and pieces still to post.

Thanks and give me a comment!

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