BFG – Demiurg Stronghold Class Battleships

demiurg_stronghold_02Hi guys,

Welcome back to the fourth post detailing my current Demiurg / Tau fleet project. This time it is the turn of the Demiurg ‘Stronghold’ Class vessel, a pair of which make up the backbone of this 1,500pt fleet.

Side by side
Side by side

The paint scheme for these ships has been kept exactly the same as with the Bastion class vessels shown before on the blog, with the use of cream, bright green and bright orange across them. The cream has obviously been heavily washed to give the appearance of colour difference across such large ships, but also given that the Demiurg like to operate as mining ships, I want some “dirt” on them.


For those that don’t know, the Demiurg models were produced by Forgeworld really quite early on in the Tau release which means that they are resin. This is both a god-send, as it means you are not trying to balance a great big hunk of metal on a tiny flight stand (these are actually magnetised to it as they are that light), but it means that often putting them together straight can be an issue. I bought these models second hand (for a good deal!) but the previous owner has assembled them rather wonkily – the “wings” were not level etc etc.


The Stronghold class is a much beefier model that the Bastion class which matches well with the fluff that a Bastion class will carry a single ‘clan’ of Demiurg, while a Stronghold is liable to have three or four ‘clans’ within it. In game they are DC10, 15cm move ships with a 6+/5+ armour save, four shields, and four turrets. That’s pretty decent for a ship, but comes in slightly slower and smaller than an Imperial Battleship. Almost in recompense, the Stronghold has one of the most fearsome short range armament in the game: its has FP12 30cm Weapons Batteries on each side, backed up by FP3 60cm lances on each side too. In addition it has a FP14 45cm Prow weapons battery (this would be amazing if it were F/L/R, but sadly its Front facing only…), as well as the usual Demiurg Cutting beam.


Now all this might be enough, but each ship also comes with six torpedoes and three fighter/bomber/assault boats. This makes the Demiurg vessel really very heavily armed, but, like with the Bastion, alot of the arcs / ranges do not match up well. I think that this would encourage playing the vessels close to one another in the hope that you could get the bands to match up and truly hammer the opponent. Like all Demiurg the Stronghold starts with high leadership (10 in its case, 9 for a Bastion), and ignores the effect of all celestial phenomenon, including blast markers – which makes the 15cm move better than it might otherwise be – not bad for 350pts which is basically the same as an Imperial Retribution class Battleship is it?

I think this makes them a pretty interesting fleet to play / fight against, and I hope to take them to the stars in the near future. I have some pictures of the full fleet together still to post as well soon. Otherwise I have been playing around with some spare Imperial cruisers I have and painting some bits and pieces.



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