BFG – Alien Cruiser…?


Hi guys,

Quick post just to throw up some pics of a recent ship I decided to make. I recently bought a whole load of 40k Tyranid bits with the plan of converting them to be BFG models, but sadly I really wasn’t happy with the way they turned out and decided to buy some proxies instead. However, I really liked one of the ships I built but it does not fit in well with the range of proxies I decided to buy.


Given that I have decided to keep the ship, but use it quite like my Void Whale – as a ship for random alien encounter rather than a fixed part of any fleet. This means I a) get to keep the model I like and b) it doesn’t aggravate my OCD by looking out of sync.


I’m not really au fait on 40k bits, so I can’t tell you what part make it up. Some kind of cannon thing, two claws, a tail, and a shaped lump of greenstuff for the bulgy front.

I have been thinking alot about podcasting and the response seems to have been really good. I will let all of you guys know how my thoughts progress / how it shapes up. I hope everyone had a productive hobby weekend – I’ve been painting Tau / Demiurge!


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