BFG – Arbites Punisher Class Cruiser, Dauntless, and Enforcer Class Light Cruisers – Part 2

Blanche's Arbites
Blanche’s Arbites

Hi guys

Back to the little Adeptus Arbites series I have going on here, this time to look at the Dauntless and Enforcer Class Light Cruisers that make up the fleet along with the Punisher Class Strike Cruiser detailed earlier. I think the Light Cruiser size fights neatly with the Arbites theme – they are given responsibility for planetary governance, imperial law, trade lanes, and pirate suppression so I think Light Cruisers are alot more appropriate for that kind of work than the big lumbering Navy ships.

2 Dauntless Class Light Cruisers
2 Dauntless Class Light Cruisers
2 Enforcer Class Light Cruisers
2 Enforcer Class Light Cruisers

The two Dauntlesses are the worst cast of the ten I bought, with real issues and needing alot of work to make even slightly presentable. However in this day and age needs must and they work ok if you don’t look too closely! On the other hand the Enforcers are made up of a converted recast Dauntless and a transplantation of an Enforcer Class from my Bakka fleet to this one. Both are a very easy conversion just replacing or covering the weapons batteries with launch bays instead.

Enforcer Class
Enforcer Class

The Enforcer Class is another Light Cruiser variant, being a 6DC, 25cm speed, 1 shield, 2 turret, 5+ armour ship. Instead of the usual weapons batteries, it is armed with a launch bay on each side which, unlike the Punisher Class, can launch both bombers and fighters as well as three 30cm forward facing lances. This makes it unable to engage in ship-to-ship duels without weapons batteries to knock down shields, but a very useful support ship in launching attack craft waves and finishing off wounded ships with its lances. Both roles I think are rather fluffy, given that most of the prey of Arbites vessels would be escort sized pirates etc.

I hope everyone has a good bank holiday weekend!


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