BFG – Dark Eldar Fleet WiP pics

Hi guys!

Just a super quick post with some pictures of my WiP Dark Eldar fleet.

Just before spraying the last few ships
Just before spraying the last few ships

Obviously it is a converted fleet, using the old style Reaver jetbikes. I know alot of people are using the new style ones to do their Dark Eldar fleets, but I feel the older ones are closer to the aesthetics of the actual GW Dark Eldar BFG models and work better in relation to the GW Eldar BFG models.

I still need to get around to painting them, but I am planning to keep it nice and simple with these.

10 thoughts on “BFG – Dark Eldar Fleet WiP pics

  1. I’ve seem something like this before, however your fleet is the most uniform and consistent of the any I’ve seen. Awesome work!

    1. Looking at the rules, esp with the 2010 FAQ, they do seem like they will be very deadly (tho fragile) on the tabletop!

      1. Yeah but thats Eldar in general for you! Glass hammer! There more about finesse , you can’t play them like other fleet! 😉

    1. It is just the body of the old reaver jetbikes for almost all of it. The big “stinger” that curls up above them are some metal parts from the old heavy weapons pack – heat lance etc…

  2. Super nice – DE are my absolute favorite fleet. Also like the attempt of such a classic paint scheme.

  3. Reblogged this on Gemana and commented:
    Being a huge Dark Eldar and BFG fan I thought of pointing out this army build on Epic Addiction. The ships remind me on the original models made in ancient times 😉 Looking forward to observe the progress being made with these.

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