Additions to the Blogroll – Home of Cadaver, Sepulchre of Heroes, Miasma of Pestilence, and Lazy & Distracted

CherubaelHi guys,

I haven’t added any new blogs to the blogroll for a while but recently I have come across a few great new blogs that you really should be checking out. The blogroll is just the list at the bottom of the page, but it regularly provides me with inspiration or just that “That is so cool!” moment.

1) Home of Cadaver – beautiful Arbites conversions (not just infantry, but vehicles and terrain too!) plus a really lovely painting style.

2) Sepulchre of Heroes – currently involved in updated the Additional Ships Compendium for BFG (one of my favourite things – hence why I enjoy using / making the ships from it!) plus a great mix of general hobby articles.

3) Miasma of Pestilence – Great Inquisitor themed conversions and awesome fluff pieces to go along with it, the guy obviously invest alot into the type of gaming I love – narrative, structured, fluff-centric…

4) Lazy & Distracted – Lovely Oldhammer stuff – mostly Chaos (including my favourite Palaquin model!) but also some other things too including sensitively included more modern figures.

I hope these blogs bring you joy, as they have done for me. I love seeing what other people have been up to, so please do check them out and give their authors (none of whom I know) some love.

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