BFG – Space Marine Fleet Pics

Boarding Action
Boarding Action

Hi guys,

I recently finished painting up my Dark Angels Fleet to go with my Dark Angels Epic Army here. The fleet now sits at 1,500pts which is about half the size of the fleets I normally like to build. This is because I find the Space Marine fleet list rather boring, with only one battleship, one cruiser type, and three escort classes to pick from. This limits the variety you can do, and I am not really interested in just having loads of the same type of ship.


The fleet is made up of a single Battlebarge named the Angel of Retribution, three Strike Cruisers, the Salvation (with lance trade), and the Sword of Caliban and the Redemptor, both with the additional shield upgrade. Supporting these are four each of the Nova, Gladius, and Hunter class escorts.


You may have noticed that these escort models are not the GW originals. Sadly Marines are still quite popular, probably because of their 40k popularity, and this makes the GW-originals more expensive than I am will to pay for. You may have noticed, that I am incredibly stingy 😛

Instead, I decided to use some Ground Zero Games miniatures again, exactly like I did for my Tyranid fleet here. The models here are the from the Neu Swabian League range available here. I think their blocky shape fits in well with the Space Marine aesthetic and with the same colour scheme I think they work quite well at a fraction of the price.

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading that and please leave a comment if you want.



2 thoughts on “BFG – Space Marine Fleet Pics

    1. Thanks Chasseur, I am glad they have blended in so well even if the paintjob is much rougher on them.

      I really like the look of your historicals, so beautifully regimented and clean 🙂

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