BFG – Rogue Trader Dauntless Light Cruisers

4 Rogue Trader Dauntless Light Cruisers

4 Rogue Trader Dauntless Light Cruisers

Hi guys,

Just some quick photos of some stuff I have recently been painting, this time some more of the recast Dauntlesses I bought a while ago that are now part of my Rogue Trader fleet. The RT fleet has quite a heavy focus on escorts and light cruisers so the Dauntless works really well in it.





Again the casts are not great with bubbles all over the place and incredibly flimsy flight stems, but compared to trying to hunt down four Dauntlesses on eBay, they have been great. I have recently bought some magnetic lenses for my phone camera, but although the zoom is now better I am not very happy with the fish-eye effect this seems to have caused.

Green and Orange

Green and Orange

Given how much BFG I now have painted, colour schemes are becoming a difficulty! I wanted my Rogue Trader fleet to show off the individuality of the ships differing captains, but still look cohesive and coherent on the tabletop. I went with keeping the bodies of the ships the same colour, though adding a few aerials just to provide difference, while going for different coloured prows for all of the ships. This necessitated a split in trim colours, brass and silver, but I think tying the prow and trim colours together coherently matters quite alot!

I will have some full fleet pics of my Rogue Trader fleet (3,000pts) to come soon.


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4 thoughts on “BFG – Rogue Trader Dauntless Light Cruisers

  1. Frank Ford says:

    Hey, nice work. Are some of those masts the little banner poles from old Epic infantry stands?

    • Gus says:

      Yeah they are – I have loads lying around that I am never going to use for EPIC and I think they work quite well here!

  2. Carlos says:

    Very nice! Are these Aliexpress recasts, or your own?

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