BFG – Gray Knights Strike Cruisers

Strike Cruisers

Strike Cruisers

Hi guys,

Just another quick update post with some recent BFG painting I have been doing – four recast Gray Knight strike cruisers. Again the quality was not great on the cast, but the price and rarity of the originals more than made it worth it.





They are very simply painted in silver with a wash with bronze used as the main contrast colour.

I hope everyone is having a good time and getting lots of hobby-time in!

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2 thoughts on “BFG – Gray Knights Strike Cruisers

  1. ARUKI says:

    can you drop me a line for those I have been looking for marine-ish ships that will not break the bank.

    • Gus says:

      These came from a contact through a trading group on fb, but the guy now seems to have disappeared.

      I can give you his name / details but I dont have / can’t find an email address for you. Drop me an email at js3946[at] and ill try and hook you up.

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