BFG – Desolator / Conqueror Class Battleship

Hi guys

Sorry I have been quiet for a while, a surprisingly large amount of work has come my way. On the hobby front I have not been doing a whole load apart from buying some bits and pieces, including a Chinese resin cast Ad-Mech Battleship which I will get round to putting pictures up of. This post is just a quick update on my recent painting.

Chaos BB
Chaos BB

This is a Desolator Class Battleship model, minus the weapons battery pieces that go on the side, and will be part of my Beserker Fleet that was previously featured here. It will either be used as a Desolator or as the Conqueror, which is the World Eaters Battle Barge.

Thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “BFG – Desolator / Conqueror Class Battleship

  1. Wanted to thank you. Your blog over the years has inspired me a lot and it finally broke my back last week. I have now gotten my self a 1000pt count as tau and the pieces to build 1000pt DE fleet. Chaos and Nids are up after that. Keep up the great work, despite my complaining. 😛

    1. I am glad someone else is taking the time to give it a look over and particularly glad that it got you to start up BFG! Obviously, I love the game even tho I don’t get to play it all that much at the moment.

      Make sure you give me a shout once you get your ships painted etc, I would be interested in seeing them painted up. I have seen them on Shapeways, but the postage is always a killer to the UK for me. I am just converting / spray painting a DE fleet myself atm – got three light cruisers left to build.


      1. strange my package actually came from the Netherlands. I will drop you a line as I make progress.

    1. Cheers, I am glad you like it. I had never really seen the arrows on the prow before in other paint jobs but I am really pleased with how crisply it came out.

      Thanks for reading etc 😀

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