BFG – Tyranid Hive Ship 2

asHi guys,

Back again with the second Hive Ship in my 1,500pt fleet. This one is a classic carrier style Hive Ship that forms the cornerstone of almost all Tyranid fleets, the aim is to be the biggest toughest carrier possible and swarm the board with ordnance.

Hive Ship 2
Hive Ship 2

This is another Phalon ship from Ground Zero Games, an FT814. Difference compared to the other one is that it is slightly bulkier and has two of the protuberances rather than the one.

Hive Ship 2
Hive Ship 2

I settled for the addition of some 4k Nid bits as underused little flappy legs just to bulk up the outline of the ship in comparison to the other ships. The ship in the list is more usual than the previous one, being a Hive Ship with Ld9, Prow Pyro-Acid Batteries, Thorax Launch Bays, 3 x P/S Launch Bays, 2 x Reinforced Carapace, Extra Spore Cyst. This means that the ship has 8 Launch bays, FP 8 45cm Front Weapons Batteries all mounted on a 12DC 5 Shield base. This makes it really rather tough and able to pump out great amounts of ordnance at a pretty decent Leadership value. All rather good for 380pts.

Comparison shot
Comparison shot

Once again the ship is perhaps a little small for a 12DC ship in comparison to the Imperial Battleships but I feel It can be pulled off as these are some of the bigger battleship sized vessels in the game.

I hope everyone is having a nice Easter break and getting on with alot of hobbying. Sadly I haven’t had a game of any game system in absolutely ages, but modelling and painting are going well.

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