BFG – Tyranid Hive Ship 1


Hi guys,

Good news, I passed my PhD and am now a Dr!

However, more importantly, I have also been doing some BFG modelling which is the reason you are all visiting. Some of you, if you follow me on Twitter (which you totally should do @NovRain3946), will know that I recently bought myself some models to build a BFG Tyranid fleet. With this addition I now have a fleet for every race in BFG – Imperials x3 (Gothic, Bakka, Bastion), Chaos x 2 (Regular and Beserker), Eldar x 2, Tau, Demi-urge, Orks, Tyranids, Necrons, Dark Eldar, Rogue Traders, Ad-mech, Inquisition, and Space Marines.

Hive Ship
Hive Ship

Anyway apart from boasting, the reason for this post is to let you know I have been doing some work on the models I bought. I had previously had a stab at building a Nid fleet from 40k bits but was unhappy with the result and although Winter’s Bio-Forge is very nice the range is limited and a little pricey for me. Instead I bought a whole host of models from the Ground Zero Games Phalon range and planned to combine them with 40k bits to produce a slightly different style of Nid fleet.

Hive Ship
Hive Ship

In the fleet list I have written up I have gone for two Hive Ships, which are pretty important. One is the bog-standard LB Hive, but the other is a rather odd beast that I am hoping to experiment with. Currently I have it as a Hive Ship with Ld9, Prow Pyro-Acid, Thorax Pyro-Acid, 3 x P/S Pyro-Acid, Tenacity, Solar Vanes, Dorsal Vents which comes to 395pts. This means it carries alot of firepower and is faster and more manoeuvrable than would be expected – hopefully serving as a useful distraction!

Comparison shot
Comparison shot

This is the FT813, and I expected it to be slightly larger than it is. Still with the addition of some wide spreading 40k bits I think it still comes out bigger than the Imperial ship. Another slight issue is how small the soon to be featured cruiser models are.

Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “BFG – Tyranid Hive Ship 1

  1. …because BFG is way more important than a PhD, well congrats anyway, even if it is not that important XD Good luck with your Tyranids. I find it always quite exciting creating something that random and organic. Btw… I think I bought two of your Spacefleet era battleships on ebay some time ago (grey with light blue copulas…). If you are interested in what happened with them, check out the latest bfg post 😉 Would be glad to hear of what you think about it.


    1. Thanks re phd. The nids are a tricky one for me, I just couldn’t get the 40k bits route to work happily, though I like your nid commission alot. I havent settled on a paint scheme yet possibly might try a yellow scheme again with alot of washes over the top.

      Goodness I sold those spacefleet models a LONG time ago, but I glad they have ended up in a good home! I also love what you have done to them in the fleet – its partly why I like them in my Rt fleet, they are different enough but still work in terms of scale / aesthetic. Lovely bases too!

      I have so much BFG still to be painting, I hope you do to!

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