BFG – Bastion Fleet Pics 3

Dominator Class Cruisers
Tyrant Class Cruisers

Hi guys,

This post features the pair of Tyrant class cruisers in the list – both given additional the weapons battery upgrade and replacing their torpedoes with Nova Cannons. This makes them rather fearsome, but also rather expensive. They sport FP10 45cm Weapons Batteries on the side which is pretty nice for an Imperial ship. The reason I have had to do this is because the Bastion fleet list does not include the more regular Dominator class cruiser.

Another prow shot
Another prow shot

Colour scheme should be fairly obvious by now – gray spraypaint, lighter gray drybrush, dark red prows, gold detailing. This sets it apart from all my other fleets as a much lighter scheme while still being relatively neutral.


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