BFG – Bastion Fleet Pics

Bastion Fleet
Bastion Fleet

Hi guys

You may have remembered me talking about putting together a Bastion fleet a while ago, a specific type of Imperial fleet that is based around defending the Eye of Terror, here and here. Well, I have finally finished painting them and gotten round to taking some picture for you all.


“Battlefleeets Cadia, Agripinaa, Scarus and Corona, in particular, are collectively known as the Bastion Fleets. These fleets are given over to guarding the region of space around the Eye of Terror, or the Sectors Ocular as these  bordering regions are sometimes known. By their very nature, the Bastion Fleets are some of the most extensive and best equipped battlefleets of the Imperium, forced to exist in a state of near perpetual warfare against the frequent  raiders from the Eye of Terror. More rarely, these battlefleets are forced to assemble into vast armadas and repel the amassed threat of a Black Crusade, and to this end maintain substantial reserve fleets ready for action when
the existing Navy are.”

This fleet is rather special as it contains some now quite rare ships like the Apocalypse Class Battleship and Vengeance Class Grand Cruiser, while also using some of the very nice MangoZac Prows. The full fleet list is as follows:

Admiral Ld9, 2 x RR                      175
Apocalypse                                      365
Apocalypse                                      365
Vengeance Class Grand Cruiser   230
Vengeance Class Grand Cruiser   230
Cruiser – Dictator                           220
Cruiser – Dictator                           220
Cruiser – Gothic                             180
Special Torps                                  20
Cruiser – Gothic                             180
Special Torps                                  20
Cruiser – Tyrant          NC            215
Cruiser – Tyrant          NC            215
LCRUISER – Defiant                    130
LCRUISER – Endeavour             120
LCRUISER – Endeavour             120

I will add everything to a new page up at the top of the Blog header but please do stick around for a couple of blog posts detailing the ships.


2 thoughts on “BFG – Bastion Fleet Pics

  1. man the more I see your stuff the more I wish I had the cash to splash on these OOP models. Never mind I keep wondering where you manage to find all of them.

    1. Most of these were bought over a number of years by shopping on eBay – I check new listings on BFG and other stuff about once every two days and often have 100+ items on my watch list. It just takes time to have a bargain come up. Also prices were lower prior to GW discontinuing the lines.

      Still alot of the new proxies that are available are just as nice, but way out of my price league!

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