BFG – Hawking Class Exploration Cruisers

Hawking Class Exploration Cruisers
Hawking Class Exploration Cruisers

Hi guys,

Another quick BFG post, this time of two Hawking Class Exploration cruisers.

“The Hawking Class dates from the time of the legendary crusades of Lord Solar Macharius. The original Hawking was a hastily constructed vessel designed to range ahead of Macharius’ main battlefleet and search the Halo Stars for enemy fleets and new worlds to conquer.

Hawking 1
Hawking 1
Hawking 2
Hawking 2

The Hawking Class is an interesting vessel being a long range scout and reconnaissance ship, ranging far ahead of the main fleet in order to locate the enemy or explore unknown space. Very thematic and cool!  In game, the Hawking is a light cruiser with quite heavy armament. Although heavy, this armament is rather mixed with weapons batteries, torpedoes, and launch bays.


In addition to its armaments, the Hawking also comes with a number of special rules. It has Improved Thrusters, which adds +1D6cm when the ship is on All-Ahead-Full special orders, Improved Forward Sensors which add +1 to its Leadership rating, and Navigational Shields which mean it does not suffer a speed reduction when moving through celestial phenomenon or blast markers.

For me the Hawking provide a nice narrative addition to some of my Imperial fleets – especially for the Bait scenario – but also for my collection of defences. In this light, I have painted both neutrally, using a light gray / dark green / gold scheme which sits well with any of my Imperial fleets.

Launch bay addition
Launch bay addition
Prow conversion
Prow conversion

These Hawkings are made out of two re-cast Dauntlesses I managed to acquire – you can see the pretty shoddy resin casting on alot of the detail but at the price I paid they were still well worth it. Perhaps being out scouting for so long has caused battle damage! I have adding a number of things to the Dauntless base. First, I chopped up an Imperial launch bay section to make it slightly smaller and fitted it underneath the body of the ship in order to represent the post and starboard launch bays. Secondly, I added a number of aerials to the top of the ship and to the prow of the ship (a modelling drill is invaluable!) to represent the Forward Sensors.


3 thoughts on “BFG – Hawking Class Exploration Cruisers

  1. Hi, this article really brought a smile to my face as I’m the guy who came up with the Hawking for BFG.

    Years ago, I was a member of the old Yahoo Groups BFG list, which was very, very active, with a lot of hobbyists and some people from GW – even Andy Chambers from time to time. Some of us decided to do a global BFG campaign, with results submitted online. Matt Farrer, who went on to write for Black Library, came up with the original idea for the setting and the rest of us ran with it.

    The Cerberus War, as we called it, eventually came to the attention of GW and they published some of our stuff in the Fanatic Games BFG mag, which was where the Hawking made its first published appearance. It’s since been included in a lot of the PDF collections of BFG resources.

    Anyway, enough of the rambling and on to the important bit! It’s great to see someone create new Hawkings and I really like your take on them. The launch bay under the hull of the ship is inspired, wish I’d thought of it when I made my own version years ago.


    1. Hi James!

      Great to hear from you, there seems to be quite alot of “old” BFG gamers coming out of the woodwork at the moment, which can only be a good thing.

      I think I originally stumbled across the Hawking in the WarpRift magazines and they always reminded me of the Traders from Asimov’s Foundation series. I quite like the slightly odd / scenario / themed ships that BFG has so the Hawking was something I always wanted to build. I kinda wish I had used slightly better casts now!

      Do you still play BFG? It is probably my favourite games as might have become clear from the blog.

      Thanks for getting in touch,


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