EPIC Soulgrinder Conversions

New converted Soulgrinders for Epic Armageddon

Hi guys,

If any of you follow me on Twitter (@NovRain3946) you may have already seen this photo. If you don’t follow me, then you totally should. There tend to be alot more WiP pictures up there and it will let you know whenever I have posted a new thing up here. Plus there is a whole wide warhammery world out there to explore.

My EPIC Soulgrinders
My EPIC Soulgrinders

On topic – As some may know, I am in charge of the development of a Daemon World list for the NetEA project, the fan update / rules to maintain Epic Armageddon. As part of this, we have the Ghallamore Incursion list, representing a large scale daemonic incursion that occurs in the in the 41st millennium which is available here. Soulgrinders are quite important in the context of the list, offering speed and assault power.

40k Soulgrinder
40k Soulgrinder

One of the formation available to this list are Soulgrinders, an unholy fusion of daemon and machine based off a (rather nice, I think) 40k model. Now while I like the Soulgrinder model, I prefer the theme / look of the Forgeworld Plague Hulk and wanted to try and copy that kind of thing a little more for my EPIC versions.

Plague Hulk
Plague Hulk

So for my attempt I decided to mash together one of the small old style Nurglings with a multilegged robot body. Sawing through the body of some of the bigger Nurglings was a bit of a challenge but I am quite happy with how they have turned out so far. They still need greenstuffing to fill gaps and meld the two halves together a bit better. I do quite like the contrast between the smooth sleek bodies and the rotten Nurgle flesh so may just wash the metallic rather heavily in green / brown. For now, they go back in the case and I am concentrating on painting other things.

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