BFG – Ordo Malleus Inquisitorial Cruiser

OXHi Guys,

Another quick BFG update, this time of the Ordo Malleus Inquisitorial Cruiser which pairs up the Ordo Xenos Cruiser recently featured here. I figured that since I wanted to make at least one Inquisition ship, that I would go ahead and build one for each of the Ordos. They each have their own aesthetic style so it only makes sense that although their ships will be similar, that they will still differ somewhat in style.

For this ship, I once again started with a standard Imperial Cruiser but this time I decided to show its Inquisitorial nature by mounting a large Inquisitorial “I” icon just behind the bridge piece. The icon comes from the Forgeworld resin set and is meant for 40k sized tanks etc, but makes a suitable large and grandiose spaceship piece to strike fear into the heart of the xenos, the heretic, and the mutant.

Apart from adding the big icon to the bridge piece, the only other additions are the two lance turrets along the spine to represent trading in the normal Bombardment Cannons for strength-2, range: 45cm lances firing Left/ Front/ Right for +15 points. This cruiser will also have traded in its Launch Bays for Torpedo tubes – there is something very fluffy about Ordo Malleus Inquisitors using virus bombs to exterminatus a planet – and once a Lord and the correct Ordo upgrade is purchased it brings it up to 385pts.

Inquisitorial "I"
Inquisitorial “I”

Paint job is just a heavy dry brush of gray over a black undercoat, with red and gold to pick out details. I have some Gray Knight Strike Cruisers that will join this cruiser to add to the Ordo Malleus component of the general Inquisition fleet which will also be making an appearance soon.

Pretty similar to an standard Imperial Cruiser
Pretty similar to an standard Imperial Cruiser

Sorry the blog has taken such a BFG heavy turn lately, but it is the game that I am most into at the moment and I am not really much of any game. I have pretty much dropped out of playing for geographical / work reasons, so for now I am just trying to work through my giant paint queue.

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