BFG Necron Colour Scheme advice

Hi guys,

Quick post – I had planned on painting my Necron fleet in a bright yellow colour scheme and have painted up a tester model, but am now swithering over going for a bright silver look instead. I can’t decide so thought I would throw it up here to seek your advice.

Current Scheme - Yellow, black and silver details, then a black wash
Current Scheme – Yellow, black and silver details, then a black wash

The alternative is painting them with Boltgun metal, washing them with Badab black and then dry brushing some Mithril Silver over the top. Possibly using some brass for the pyramids / details.


3 thoughts on “BFG Necron Colour Scheme advice

  1. Hi Gus. You’ve painted the yellow well, I just don’t think that bad moons yellow for Necrons fits for me. I’m not sure what to recommend to you, but I can talk a little about my thoughts for choosing a colour.
    I’ve always liked the OSL effects from Necron weapons, green being the original that GW suggested, with green crystals/gause tubes. You can try to find a colour that works with a underlying green glow effect and add little green plastic bits (as crystals or power sources) to your models for a bit of extra depth. The Necron silver scheme may work with this, adding green OSL glow effects on the metallics. Alternatively, use a complimentary scheme (so red for green)… oh! I just thought of something that may work as a synthesis of the two… how about mixing some red into the silver to create a silver/red tone, then do green OSL from weapons and power sources?
    For the blue OSL effect (which I’ve seen become popular recently), I’ve seen it work well with white or cream colours. Orange is the complimentary colour for blue… not sure how that might work in practice…. ahh, terracotta (earthy colour) orange may be an option here? ahah! Captain Google comes to the rescue: I just looked up orange and found some photos of halloween pumpkins, lit on the inside with bright orange light. An orange terracotta scheme, perhaps a little try brush of silver, with the weapons and energy sources in bright yellow OSL?
    Anyway, these are just my thoughts, I hope it helps/inspires you with your decision. Cheers and good luck, I’ll be wathing! 😀

    1. That is a comment and a half Russ!

      I did consider a burnt orange scheme, but I am worried it would end up looking flat just like the yellow has. I am not sure how a drybrush of silver over the top of orange would look….

      Argh! I will maybe paint up a couple of tester pieces and see how I feel. Or put Necrons on the back burner for a while until I am re-enthused

      1. Haha yeh, fair enough. I have painted 1, yes 1 Imperial Cruiser out of…*quick calculation* maybe 300 ships? Only 299+ Imperial, Chaos, SM, Tau, Ork, Tyranid and Eldar fleet vessels to go… plus the 30+ star forts, mines, asteroids and ordinance models to go… I’m happy that I can experience your joy in hobby progress. Good luck and keep up the good work.

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