BFG – Ordo Xenos Inquisitorial Cruiser

Gregor Eisenhorn, famously of the Ordo Xenos
Gregor Eisenhorn, famously of the Ordo Xenos

Hi guys,

Another quick BFG post, this time of an Ordo Xenos Inquisitorial Cruiser. I love the more obscure ships that are available for BFG – transports, Rogue Traders, Xenos ships, System ships, and Inquisitorial cruisers!

A tarted up Imperial Cruiser
A tarted up Imperial Cruiser

This model, standing in for my Ordo Xenos Inquisitorial cruiser, is just a tarted up Imperial Cruiser. In the fluff, Inquisitors can be in control of any vessels from the size of a gun cutter to truly huge Battleships, while in the BFG rules they are simply listed as Inquisitorial Cruisers.

Rules - 2010FAQ
Rules – 2010FAQ

In general they are souped up cruisers with tonnes of customisability and battlecruiser levels of firepower. They are able to trade their launch bays for torpedoes, and can swap their bombardment cannons for two 45cm lances. They are quite pricey however at 270pts. This only get worse once the Inquisitor Lord is added at 75pts, a Xenos-tech upgrade is added at 35pts – topping out at 395pts! Also remember that the opposing fleet will get D6x50pts worth of escort vessels for free as well. Overall not cheap and definitely a fluff only piece!


This cruiser was made by drilling some holes in the prow of a regular cruiser model and tacking a chaos cruiser lance turret onto the front. A little bit more detail on the paint scheme, and Inquisitorial “I”, and a few more aerials rounded it off. Just enough to stand out in any of my Imperial fleets while not being too different from the normal cruiser shape etc.

I have also converted / painted up another two Inquisitorial Cruisers, one for the Ordo Hereticus and one for the Ordo Malleus, which will come up on the blog in the near future.

Thanks for looking!

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