BFG – WiP Rogue Trader Cruiser

Quick look at my WiP Rogue Trader model, now sadly rather rare.

Rogue Trader Cruiser
Rogue Trader Cruiser

Hi guys,

Another BFG related post, it is my main interest at the moment and I still have alot of ships to paint so you will have to bear with me while I work my way through them. For now I bring you some work-in-progress shots of my GW Rogue Trader Cruiser model, which is now sadly rather difficult to get hold of.


I have gone for the same gray / light gray scheme as the rest of the Rogue Trader fleet, aiming to also do the same Sepia wash over it. This is to tie the ships together – while the fleet differs in highlight colours and prow colours, I am hoping that using the same base colour and wash will style tie them together. While Rogue Traders may be individuals and have different paint schemes I would still like my fleet to look coherent on the table top.


Given this, I am actually planning on repainting the prow colour as I stupidly used it already for a Dauntless that will also be in this fleet. I am thinking of trying out a cream prow, but will have to see how it looks once paint is applied. In the list for which this ship is bound it is representing a Rogue Trader Carnage class – one of the Chaos ships allowed in the fleetlist to represent re-fitted or looted ships – with a Targetting Matrix upgrade and a Veteran Rogue Trader on board.

Kar Duniash pattern prow

Also note the differences between this model and the standard GW Imperial Cruiser it resembles. Fluff wise most Rogue Trader Cruisers, including this one, are supposed to originate around the port of Kar Duniash in the Ultima Segmentum. Aesthetically the prow is very different being smooth and slightly upturned at the bottom. In addition the whole ship has a slightly ‘eastern’ feel about it with cupolas, domes, and arches recurring throughout the design, especially around the flatter but quite prominent bridge section.

I truly love the art that it liberally sprinkled through the BFG rules
I truly love the art that it liberally sprinkled through the BFG rules

For completion I am going to repaint the prow, possibly to cream and fill in the various domes with my usual ice blue colour. I am also planning on adding a number of shortish aerials in the slots on the model (four spaces just behind the bridge and two between the gun batteries) to help the model to stand out and represent the targetting matrix. Possibly a little work on the side fins and an attempt at free hand on the prow if I am feeling adventurous, before a sepia wash to tone the colours down and match with the fleet.

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