BFG Bakka – Jovian Class Battlercruiser

Jovian Class Battlecruiser
Jovian Class Battlecruiser

Hi guys,

Just a quick update with two new ships for my Bakka Fleet. First up is the Jovian Class Battlecruiser, a unique ship from Battlefleet Bakka.

“The Jovian is viewed with misgivings by many authorities in Battlefleet Bakka, as history and tradition are hard to set aside in the Imperial Navy in general and by the fleetlords of Bakka in particular. With the history of the Garerox Prerogative required reading in the fleet academies, the very idea that the Imperial Navy should need a dedicated attack craft carrier is viewed as anathema. However, the horrors of the First Tyrannic War cast a negative light on Battlefleet Bakka‟s inherent distrust of attack craft, and while their tactics of relying on massed battery and lance fire proved effective, it was only prudent that more attack craft should be made available to support the battlefleet.”

The Jovian is a typical Imperial Battlecruiser with a difference. As a attack carrier is has three launch bays on each side along with two 60cm dorsal lances. In addition to this, it receives +2Ld when the enemy is on special orders thanks to its improved sensor array.


As a reserve vessel, I reversed the prow colours, but otherwise kept the ship the same as the rest of the fleet. The only other change was drilling a few extra holes just behind the bridge in order to mount some extra antennae. In game it helps to plug the severe ordnance deficiency that the Bakka fleet has although because of its delicate nature it needs to be well protected to survive.


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