Looking forward to 2015!

Hi guys,

I aim to have a look forward to 2015 in this post.

I should be finishing up my PhD, moving away, and hopefully becoming employed in the next six months so modelling and gaming may take a back seat for a little while. I do have a fair amount of stuff already doen that will make its way up onto the blog in the coming months though.



Blog wise:

I still have pictures of my EPIC Imperial Guard army to upload here

Possibly start doing another tactica series – any suggestions for which army?

Pics of my already painted Bastion Fleet

Various other painted BFG models



Painting wise:

I am about 1/4 of the way through my EPIC Dark Angles, I really need to get back to them!

I have Necron, Dark Eldar, and Tau / Demiurge fleets still to paint

Tidy up / complete some of the recent EPIC acquisitions, just pieces here and there

Possibly start painting a 40k army

Paint up some Mighty Empire tokens made out of Warmaster characters



Hobby wise

Assemble the last of all my models – an Eldar Corsair Haven Class Spire

Sell my WHFB Empire army, and possibly my 40k Steel Legion Army

2 thoughts on “Looking forward to 2015!

  1. I am a latecomer to Epic 40k, and noticed that your marines look far nicer than the models I found online. Is there any chance that you could point me the direction where I could find some, I would greatly appreciate it.

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