BFG – Beserker Fleet of Khorne Fleet Pic and Page



Hi guys,

Just a quick post to let you know I have put up a new page at the top of the home page for my Beserker Fleet of Khorne. It neatly lists the ships that make up the fleet and includes a new full fleet picture. Check it out!

Also in the next couple of days I will be doing the obligatory blog year round-up post, so keep checking back.


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4 thoughts on “BFG – Beserker Fleet of Khorne Fleet Pic and Page

  1. aruki says:

    I love and hate your blog at the same time. So many shines that I would love to get my hands on to play with and yet I cant without crazy money. Keep up the great work.

    • Gus says:

      Yeah things are tricky to get – you will hate my Bastion Fleet even more tho, two Apocalypse Class Battleships and two Vengeance Class Grand Cruisers…

      I was lucky to pick up alot of stuff before GW canned the games, but I do spend ALOT of time on eBay and Fb trading groups. If you put the time in you can still get great deals, like my upcoming Tau / Demiurg fleet.

      • aruki says:

        lol now I really hate you lol. I have dreamed of a tau fleet for years. Alas I just finished my epic SM force this year. One day though one day. Keep up the great work I look forward too seeing the new forces.

  2. […] Battleship model, minus the weapons battery pieces that go on the side, and will be part of my Beserker Fleet that was previously featured here. It will either be used as a Desolator or as the Conqueror, which […]

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