BFG – Beserker Fleet of Khorne Cruisers

Hi guys,

So in the last post I introduced some of the light cruisers which make up my newly painted Beserker Fleet of Khorne, but today it is the turn of the bigger boys to take to the stage, along with a little extra.

Two Slaughter Class Cruisers
Two Slaughter Class Cruisers

First up are two Slaughter Class Cruisers, the Destroyer and the Horror – exceptionally vicious at close range and very speedy, they make excellent Khornate missiles to fire toward the enemy. The combination of being cheap, able to keep up with the light cruisers, and being very good at short ranges and boarding (with the Mark of Khorne of course) make these two a really central part of the way the fleet plays.

Two Acheron Heavy Cruisers
Two Acheron Heavy Cruisers

Next up are the two Acherons, the Torment and the Despair. They don’t really fit in with the theme of the fleet terribly well, being long-range lance ships, but they do provide a nice foil to the more brutish approach of the slaughters and light cruisers. Occasionally I drop the Mark of Khorne off the Pagan class to run these two as Hades Class Heavy Cruisers instead, but I feel that dilutes the theme a little.

Unbeliever Class
Unbeliever Class

Last, but not least, is the Damnation, an Unbeliever Class Light Cruiser. Obviously a re-painted and requisitioned Imperial Dauntless Class, the Unbeliever is another Book of Nemesis ship. Quite nippy, it has almost exactly the same load out as a lance Dauntless, so I feel comfortable using it as a proxy for this fleet. After all Chaos fleet must acquire reinforcements somehow.

I am quite happy with the prow!
I am quite happy with the prow!

That brings us to the end of the newly painted World Eaters fleet – I have some group shot that will male their way up onto the blog eventually, but all of the ships have now been seen. I hope you like them, as always feel free to shoot me a comment!


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