I am not dead…


Hi guys,

Apologies for the posting slow down, I have been pretty ill recently and work has been piling up massively as I come towards the end of my PhD. I am back home for the summer now, so expect blogging to pick up a little, with the Lost and the Damned tactica needing to be finished off and complete army pictures of my EPIC Imperial Guard to come.


4 thoughts on “I am not dead…

  1. Good luck with the PhD, and glad to hear you aren’t dead.
    I’ve been reading through your LatD articles and really like them. I’m still planning mine and don’t get to play anywhere near enough, so have to live the hobby through the work of people such as yourself. Keep up the good work Gus!

    1. Thanks Mathew, it means alot that at least someone is reading all the rubbish I put up here. Only a couple of more posts on the Lost and the Damned left to go 😀

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