BFG: Calixis Sector Campaign Turn 4

Nom nom nom

Unfortunately, all of the pictures I took of these two games were eaten by the ‘Nids that inhabit my camera…

Sorry guys!

It was a close fought pair of games with Tom L’s Imperials facing off against Mike J’s Ork Hulk ‘n’ Rok list – Tom managed to get the Hulk within one point of half damage and seemed to have fun trying out an Imperial battleship for the first time. One the other board, Ben B took adavantage of a lucky Solar Flare and Rad burst to dismember Mike B’s Orkish pincer movement.

The campaign seems to have been a success with two new players both picking the game up and seeming to enjoy it. I would like to run another in maybe six months or so and see if the games are just as good.

Thanks for following along guys!


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